Dre Baldwin

Disclaimer. I the user, accept that before attempting any workout on the FX-Sport websites, that I will:

Seek a doctor’s approval to undergo physical activity based on my individual health circumstances.
Seek the approval of a qualified fitness instructor for the suitability of such a workout for myself.

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About Dre Baldwin...

Dre Baldwin is a lot more than a Professional Basketball Player and Skill Development Expert. Author of four books [“The Super You”, “The Mental Handbook”, “The Mirror of Motivation” and “Buy A Game”], Dre is also a public speaker, web developer and brand development advisor. Dre graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2004. With a life philosophy of “Work on Your Game”, Mr. “DreAllDay” will provide a depth of proven experience, basketball knowledge and insight that is invaluable to any ambitious player.

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